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My Gnome programs
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Hi, and welcome to my gnome programs page.
I only released the AWE32 Control Panel for gnome, so here it is.

AWE32 Control Panel.
You can load .SBK and .SF2 fonts into your AWE32 and don't have to type :) It allso has 24 different Chorus modes, and 19 Reverb modes. I'm not really sure that they all work, and I don't know why. Note that there are two patches, one for the kernel awe sound module and one for alsa sound modules. It contains an add-on to retreive the total amount of memory that is on your card.

Read README after unpacking for more.
Really do, 'couse you need to apply a patch!

5 november 1999: AWE32ControlPanel 0.5
6 november 1999: AWE32ControlPanel 0.7

These are rather old, and I didn't had the time to code some fixes so the patches aren't needed anymore. I received a patch for oss so it reads the value from a file in the /proc dir, but it doesn't work with alsa. I didn't get a chance to learn more about alsa, so new releases should be out for a while. Maybe in the summer I can fix some things...

AWE32CP 0.7 Gzip version (176K)

AWE32CP-0.7 Bzip2 version (139K)