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My OpenGL programs
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When I have some time left, I try to learn OpenGL. It's real fun. I can do simple objects, textures, blending, lights and more by now.

Water demo.
This is a waterdemo. I create a block of 32x32 tiles (with a 0.5 size to increase speed), and cast a watery texture over it. Rotate the whole thing, throw a sinus over
the x and a cosin over the y, and you've got yourself a neat animation :) This also includes a cpp lib that I created. Nothing much. Just uses imlib to load any picture I
like and use it as a texture.
I have a AMD K6-3 450Mhz with a Viper330 (RIVA128 4mb) and I get +/- 40 fps. Not bad, since I allso tried the same under winblows, and it only gave me +/- 15 fps.
But that probably would be my fault. And it was, cause later I got 70-80. Damn NVidia with their weird linux support!

Waterdemo source (linux only) (29K)

Last week I created this volcano. I got the idea from bits and peices I created. I was trying to create a lame excuse for a particle engine (got some PDF about advanced particle engines from flipcode I believe). So I created a smoke engine and threw in another with some sparkes that should look like a fountain, and then it hit me. So I created the volcano. The water animation effect I accually saw in Soldier of Fortune. I don't think I got it right like they did, but it's better than something static. I created the cloud engine allso before the volcano, so I copy-pasted it there. The models are created with moonlight 3D, but unfortunately is no longer :(
I get about 23 fps on my machine, and about 50 under winblows.

Volcano linux source (68K)

Volcano windows source (112K) (lamest port ever)

Volcano windows binairy (no dlls) (109K)